Friday, September 13, 2013

Fantasy, Politics and Nonsense

Ah, here it is, the rabbit hole
I've been down it before, you know.
Hares in hats and Cheshire cats,
republicans and democrats.

Elfs or elves, what does it matter,
they’re all as nutty as the Hatter.
Partiers drinking tea by the sips,
avoiding benevolent dictatorships.

“Off with their heads!” should be the yell,
sending them off to their private hell.
No more lying, they’re all alone, it’s
Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone.

How to escape the nightmare we’re in,
like a story by the brothers Grimm.
Leaving breadcrumbs to find our way,
to return to normal, come what may.

Which bottle to drink, which mushroom to bite,
centaurs and fairies dance with delight.
It’s not the first time and won’t be the last,
the secret is to remember the past.

Don’t forget the rabbit hole,
we've all been down it before, you know.

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