Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thank You, Dad

When other girls were tied to moms, I was by your side,
knowing you were always there, to nurture and to guide.
I ate my Wheaties every day, just like you said to do,
so I would be just like the one, I always looked up to.

Because I felt so special, each and every day,
It didn't really matter, what others had to say.
You told me not to feel ashamed, to hold my head up high,
Not to ever let them think, they had made me cry.

I did not know what envy was, for I had not been taught,
to covet things of others,  things that they had bought.
Some would never understand, the heart God gave to me,
a heart for other people, a heart not just for me.

You watched me when I turned sixteen, and went on my first date,
met me at the door as planned, though the hour was late.
Only you could understand, it wasn't on my list,
even though I liked the boy, I didn't want to kiss.

Because of my potential, you pushed me all the way,
to get me to the finish line, and without delay.
You could not know the detours, that my life would take,
all because I would make mistake, upon mistake.

The things you've taught I’ll never lose, for they've become my own,
all the wisdom that you gave, all the seeds you've sown.
They did not fall on barren ground, or ears that could not hear,
instead I’ve given them away, to all whom I hold dear.

Thank you for the love you gave, that made me strong and sure,
a love that taught me right from wrong, and helped me to endure.
I hope when all is said and done, my children will agree,
That I was as great a parent to them, as you were always to me.

Thanks Dad, I love you! (My father died in 1979)

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