Sunday, July 7, 2013

Comfortable in My Own Skin

Look at her so lonely not accepted by the crowd,
She cannot hold her head up, her inner cry so loud.
How could she understand, how other people were,
Struggling so within themselves, just the same as her.

I know just how she’s feeling, I used to feel the same.
Totally invisible, no one knew my name.
Always feeling awkward, strange and out of place.
I always stood in shadows, so no one saw my face.

Then one day I understood the value that I had,
It did not matter what they thought, no more would I be sad.
I did not need approval nor permission to be proud,
I shouted out the joy of self and shouted it out loud.

They cannot make me want to die unless I say O.K.,
That will not happen anymore, today’s another day.
A day much like a lovely poem, so beautiful and bold,
Such poetry to bless my life, even when I’m old.

Self-validation is a jewel I never thought I’d own,
I no longer hate myself nor thought of being alone.
People no longer hinder me, not even my own kin,
Being forever comfortable in my own skin.

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