Monday, July 22, 2013

More My Neighbors Are Vampires! (and other misconceptions)

Things that make noise in the night...

GRRZZZRRZZZRRZZZRRZZZRRZZZ! The sound was so loud it startled me awake. The first thing I thought of was that I must have been grinding my teeth in my sleep. Glad that wasn't the case. If it had been I'd have nothing left and would be making an appointment for dentures. Well then, what was that sound? There it goes again! Ughhh, it's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I glance at the clock on the night stand. It's 2:26am! Now I recognize the sound. It's a chainsaw.What are they doing now? I looked around to see if other neighbors had been wakened by the sawing but I saw no lights on. I listened for voices but didn't hear any and the noise didn't last long. What could someone be cutting up in the wee small hours of the morning? When I awoke again it was after nine and the sawing was like a distant dream. Maybe it was a dream. Oh hell no. This was real.

They could have dug to China by now...
Last time we talked it was about all the pounding. Well, the pounding has stopped. Lately it's been digging. I hear the digging but I can't seeanyone actually doing it. I was able to get a better view of their back yard. It's enormous! Beyond the big tree (my yard ends at their tree) and all the green ground cover, their yard continues to a huge dirt area with a small trailer. Plenty of room to hide...stuff.
The thing I don't understand is there is all of this activity going on at night, but there's no evidence of anything when the sun comes up. No mounds, no freshly turned-over dirt and the green ground cover is untouched. I hear a lot of commotion and I see shadows moving in the backyard but when I look over the fence, there is no one there and nothing's changed. (Anyone know the symptoms of dementia?)

The yard sale...

Yesterday I went out side because I heard a lot of voices outside over there. They were having a yard sale. I went over because I felt there was safety in numbers. They had tons of stuff. Where did it all come from and where had they been keeping it? It wasn't in the back yard. They moved in their own stuff so it couldn't have been in the house. It had to have been in the garage but it's not very big. The variety of items being sold was pretty amazing but I noticed there were no articles of clothing. It was like from several families-not just one. And the gap in years was huge; as if the age of the owners of the items ranged from ninety to twenty.
The thought occurred to me to take a picture of them, but what if after I did, they didn't show up in the picture? I was not equipped to deal with that right then. I had no crucifix, no holy water, and no mirror. If I made them suspicious, I could end up being that first mound of freshly-turned earth. No, I just smiled nicely, browsed a while and left. I was careful not to buy anything in case that would be considered inviting them in. That wasn't easy because they had some nice stuff.

Silence is golden...or is it?

Well, today is Saturday and there is activity in the neighborhood. Everywhere except next door. Which is weird. This should be a really busy day for their sale. The red truck is there yet there has not been a sound or any movement from their house.I keep wondering if this is like when you have small children or puppies and they become too quiet-you know they're up to something.
Ah, but wait, the old guy has finally come out and he is loading up the truck with the stuff that was left from the yard sale. I wonder where he's taking it at night? It's still really quiet at the house and no lights are on. Ok, I admit it, it's driving me crazy. The not knowing part. It's never been quiet over there ever since they moved in. Do I dare go over?
I've got to get a grip. Next thing you know, my friends and family will be wanting to have an intervention. They think I'm alone too much as it is. Oh well, I'll still keep an eye out. In the meantime I've got to put something on these two small bites I have on my wrist. They itch like the crazy. Must be healing...

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